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Welcome to Repeater View Examples

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Repeaters are components that can render their body markup multiple times. These components are useful for creating output that is traditionally created via loops.

OrderedRepeatingView Example - basic example of a repeater view
RefreshingView Example - basic view that recreates its items every request
Contacts Editor - based on the previous example, but with editable values.
Simple DataView Example - simple example of a dataview
Paging DataView Example - builds on previous to demonstrate paging and page navigation
Sorting DataView Example - builds on previous to demonstrate sorting
DataView and optimized item removal - demonstrates a dataview with a different IItemReuseStrategy implementation
DataGridView Example - a view that generates grids where rows are representing by items of the data provider and columns are represented by an array of ICellPopulators objects
DataTable Example - demonstrates data table component that wraps dataview to offer easy paging and sorting
GridView Example - demonstrates a grid view
AjaxFallbackDataTable Example - demonstrates an AJAX enabled datatable component