helloworld - As simple as it gets.
echo - Trivial input form.
forminput - Basic form processing.
compref - Component Reference.
images - Various kinds of images.
linkomatic - Different kinds of links.
navomatic - Page navigation.
pub - Localization.
pub2 - Alternative localization.
unicode converter - Converts input using some model magic.
niceurl - Demonstrates the use of "nice" URLs.
ajax - Examples using wicket's built-in AJAX.
nested - Trees and nested lists.
repeaters - DataView, DataTable, GridView component examples.
signin - A simple sign-in page.
signin2 - An advanced sign-in page (using cookies).
upload - Single file upload.
upload - Multiple file upload.
template - Templating example.
stateless - Demonstrates stateless pages/sessions.
staticpages - Examples for serving static files.
hellobrowser - Browser snooper.
frames - Example demonstrating HTML frames.
ajax with prototype - AJAX example using prototype.js.
abacadabra - Demonstrates the wizard component.
custom template loading - Demonstrates custom template loading.
breadcrumb - Don't get lost, use bread-crumbs.
captcha - Image-based "captcha" to distinguish humans from spammers.
kitten-captcha - Another approach to captchas
authentication - Demonstrates authentication for pages.
authorization - Demonstrates authorization for pages and components.
dates - Date component example from the wicket-date project.
stockquote - Stock quote example.
guestbook - A blog-like multi-user guestbook.
hangman - The game of hangman.
library - A simple application.
spring - Demonstrates integration options with the Spring framework.
guice - Integration with the Google Guice IoC container.
velocity - Shows a Velocity panel in action.